Our Testimonials

Caribbean Clear loves you too.  Thank you for all of the wonderful reviews and testimonials from our amazing customers.


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We decided to get the copper- silver system after Dr. Andrew Weil, mentioned the dangers of swimming in chlorine treated pools. In a Belgium study they found that teens that swam regularly in chlorine treated pools had eight times the risk of developing asthma and allergies compared to teens who swam in  copper-silver treated pools.

Edward G. Miami Beach

hurricane relief

After hurricane Irma and not having power for days the pool was full of debris but the water was crystal clear

W. Zevon

Former Salt Pool Owner Converted

After seeing rust spots on several metal surfaces, we finally realized our salt purification system was the culprit.  I ran into Vicky at the West Palm Beach Home Show and after seeing her presentation, decided to switch to the Caribbean Clear system.  We could not be happier.

Susan Lynch – Delray Beach, FL


My Sincere Thanks Daniel

My wife and I purchased the Caribbean Clear system over 2 yrs. ago, and we absolutely love it. The system is extremely easy to maintain, very cost effective; it pays for itself. Our water is always clear, after swimming in our pool your skin is not dry and does not smell like chlorine. The electrodes have lasted more than two years and still do not need replacement. We highly recommend the system to anyone who is tired of dealing with dangerous chemicals, pool workers and other headaches that go along with maintaining a pool.

Alice H
Manager, Palm Beach Florida

Our pool water is always clear and easy to maintain

Jeff, this is our third pool and our second Caribbean Clear purification system.  We wouldn’t own a pool without it!  Our first swimming pool was a salt system which we loved, however the problems with salt outweighed all of the positives.  When we built a pool in our next home, we were a bit spectacle about all the claims you made but decided we would give it a try.  Let me say, the Caribbean Clear system is even better than promised and you have been fantastic to work with.  I am thrilled with the product and your service.

Jorge M
Coral Gables

Pool Water Purification System

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the pool water purification system we purchased from you. We were very eager to eliminate the chlorine in our pool and were unsure of how to accomplish this. There are many claims in the marketplace and it’s difficult to sort through them. As you know we were having a big problem with algae when using chlorine. Well the unit has surpassed our expectations. Not only is the water silky and chlorine free, but the algae has been handled beautifully.

Howard C.
Coral Springs, FL

Caribbean Clear System

I’d just like to take a moment of your time to tell you how happy we are with the Caribbean Clear system you installed in our pool 5 years ago. I have saved many dollars over the years and no longer have the horrible chlorine smell and bleached bathing suits. Also the supplement of using baking soda replacing pool store’s costly treatments to raise alkalinity really helps.

Thomas B.
Lighthouse Point, FL

Sparking clean pool water

I had the Caribbean Clear system installed in April of last year. First of all, it’s very easy to operate. All you have to do is test it once a month and adjust the dial if needed….. My pool guy always gets nervous when I’m not dumping in gallons of chlorine and is shocked every time he comes, at how sparkling clean my pool water is. It literally does sparkle! Furthermore, none of my bathing suits have faded one bit and my skin never smells or is itchy.

Kelly W.
North Bay Village, FL

We don’t need a pool service!

We tried pool service, that turned out to be hit or miss. Some weeks the pool was overloaded with chlorine, other weeks not enough. Next we heard about the saltwater system. A bag of salt now and then we were told, and it would be maintenance free…then we found out that our salt system was only making chlorine. Then we learned about Caribbean Clear at the home show. Despite the approval of the U.S. Coast Guard, we were skeptical. However,we decided to give it a try and we are now happy we did.. As promised the water is sparkling clean and chlorine free.

Erik T.