Residential Use


An Ion System can be used as a primary sanitizer in residential swimming pools and spas.

RESIDENTIAL POOLS & SPAS Here is some background information. In the 1960s and early 1970s, the Johnson Space center and NASA conducted a research program aimed at the development of a small, lightweight water purifier that required minimal power and no astronaut monitoring. They developed an electrolytic silver ion generator only slightly larger than a pager weighing only nine ounces. These systems, mounted at various locations in the potable water supply and waste water system of the aircraft, would dispense silver ions sufficient to eliminate bacteria and purify the water within a few hours.

This information was made available to the industry and from this beginning, one of the world’s most advanced water purification system was developed. It is capable of handling water volumes into the millions of gallons and used in many different applications. Pools, spas, fountains, cooling towers and injection molding systems routinely use ionization as a means of water sanitation.

Operation of the system is virtually automatic and very simple. Once the system is installed, it is turned on to mid-level to start dispensing ions into the water. After a day or so, a copper test is performed to determine the copper level in the swimming pool or spa. We suggest an initial reading of 0.3 ppm. This is a starting point and the levels can be adjusted from there to achieve the desired results. We recommend the testing be done every couple of days until an effective level is achieved. After that, a weekly reading is usually sufficient. Based on results from this test, the controller is adjusted to maintain the correct levels.

There are a number of advantages to the system. Unlike standard sanitizing chemicals, ion are relatively unaffected by pH, temperature, aeration or sunlight. As they are not as prone to evaporation or dissipation they tend to remain resident in the water to provide longer lasting and more constant purification. New ions are added automatically as the water circulates.

Operation cost and maintenance are low. From a health standpoint it is completely safe as no toxic chemicals are produced or consumed. The system is environmentally friendly. The water is healthy, sanitary and odor free. Water quality is improved dramatically. The water feels fresh and clean with no chemical smell. Ion systems are ideal for those who are allergic or very sensitive to standard sanitizing chemicals. It is non-corrosive. It is chemically neutral, so water balance is often easier to maintain. The system is not difficult to install and basic operation is easy to learn.

Ion systems are often used in conjunction with other methods of sanitation including ozone and ultraviolet systems for improved performance.